Academic Advantages

True Christian education uses the academic subjects as a tool to develop the character of the child. He thinks he is learning his time tables, but the Father sees him developing diligence, accuracy, and faith in a consistent Creator. Each assignment must have internal and eternal value, or it is merely busy work. The Father instructs His children to get knowledge, but He is more concerned that they get understanding and wisdom. That is why Philippians 1:10 tell us, “Learn to sense… and prize what is excellent and of real value.”

We have provided information on both the great services that JoAnne Bennett provides, and a list of some unique, highly recommended products to enhance your home schooling studies on this site. Click on the links to find out more about each area.

Why Choose Us?

Learn At Home

We are available to tutor your child from home.  With the internet, many found that they enjoyed the convenience of in home tutoring without the drive time.

Online Tutoring

With the advent of Zoom meetings, Joanne has added online classes to her repertoire of services.  She is available for streaming tutoring at your convenience.


Real Time Discussions

Joanne is available for discussion about your needs and your child’s needs.  She prides herself in a personal delivery of educational assistance.

Our Focus

Jo Anne Bennett has offered her experience to the home educators of the Tulsa area for years. Now she is available in the OKC area. As a consultant, she will advise new home educators how to choose curriculum, keep records, make schedules, comply with laws, etc. She can assist experienced parents in specific areas of concern such as developing unit studies, teaching deeper reasoning skills, and preparing for college entrance. She is available for workshops and to speak to support groups or Bible study groups.

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  • Homeschool Counseling
  • Parent Workshops

Let's Learn Together!

Academic Advantages is intended to be an source of assistance for home educating families. Here they can find classes for students, workshops for parents, and selected resources. Jo Anne Bennett has been serving the home-school community for many years, and she has a heart to help parents and students achieve a successful and fulfilling experience.