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As a consultant, she will advise new home educators how to choose curriculum, keep records, make schedules, comply with laws, etc. She can assist experienced parents in specific areas of concern such as developing unit studies, teaching deeper reasoning skills, and preparing for college entrance.


*These are the classes which have been requested the most over the years.
*Other topics will be considered by request or individual tutoring is available.

English Grammar

Although few people really enjoy studying grammar, God’s Word instructs us to “write the message and make it clear (Hab. 2:2). In order to accomplish this students must understand how to apply the rules of grammar. This will enable them to write coherent documents and to identify weaknesses. No matter what future plans the student has, there will be some time when it is necessary to communicate with others. [middle school or high school students]

Writing a Research Paper

It is essential that students learn to write effective research papers if they are to succeed in college. This class will teach developing and organizing the ideas for a paper by following the Step-by-Step manual by Jo Anne Bennett. The manual follows the Chicago Manual of Style form for bibliography and citations. Students will be directed step-by-step to complete the paper. They will learn to locate sources, practice note-taking, and organize materials using a file box and 3″X5″ cards. The manual is available from Jo Anne. [high school students]

Speech and Rhetoric

Public speaking is often listed as the number one fear of most people. This class will guide preparation to allow students to develop confidence in expressing their ideas. Each lesson will approach a different type of speech: to inform, to entertain, to persuade, to demonstrate a process, etc. Presenting these speeches before a small group of friendly students will make the process more comfortable. The final presentation will be given before an audience of family and friends. After many experiences in the classroom, students will have confidence to speak before this larger group. [high school students]

Oklahoma History

State standards require studying Oklahoma history once in elementary (public schools chose 4th grade) and once in high school for ½ credit toward graduation (public schools chose 9th grade). This course is designed to meet high school graduation requirements. Students will develop a notebook with class notes, maps, research, and independent study. Homework includes reading assignments, maps, research, and oral reports. High school must also purchase a text: According to Plan: Oklahoma History Told from a Providential View by Jo Anne Bennett. The text may be purchased from Jo Anne or online. [high school students]

American History

Modern revisionists have denied students vital information about the character and motivation of the Founders of the United States. Arnold Guyot asserted that North America was reserved until the time was ready for it to fit into God’s Plan. Looking at history with a Providential view shows that although not all of the original settlers of this country were “glow in the dark saints,” the world-view of the time was influenced by Christianity. [middle school or high school students]

Middle Ages

After the fall of Rome, there was only one stabilizing force: the Catholic church. The evolution of church power underlies the development of medieval European society from AD 500-1000. although it is sometimes known as “the Dark Ages,” many of the institutions and ideas of today have their roots in this period – hospitals, universities, even medicine. This study has surprising relevance to the modern world. [middle school or high school students]

Modern History

It is easy to see God’s hand directing mankind through the times of the Old Testament. However, it is critical to understand that this same God is still at work in the world today! Searching for the “untold stories” of Providential intervention in modern history will build faith that the Father is still in control and He is still directing men’s steps.

[middle school or high school students]


Developing Writing Skills

Instruction will be based on Format Writing by Frode Jensen. This is an excellent resource to teach expository writing (which is intended to inform, clarify, and persuade). Most academic assignments require this type of writing. Class time will include lectures, writing tips (some from IEW, some elements learned from years of experience ), and explanations of the different types of paragraphs and essays: process, persuasion, cause and effect, etc. Middle school will concentrate on writing well-developed paragraphs and proceed to a five-paragraph essay. High school students will learn to organize and write strong five-paragraph essays. Homework will be one paragraph/essay per week. No text is required. [middle school or high school students]

Writing a Fiction Story

Young children are adept at using their imaginations to produce interesting and colorful stories. For many young people, the structure of education today stifles this imagination. It is a joy to allow them to express their ideas in a story of their own creation. This class offers an opportunity to do that even while learning the techniques which will produce a well-written and interesting story. [middle school or high school students]

Study a Work of Literature

Studying an entire work of literature rather than an anthology (traditional reader) has many benefits. Brief exposure to portions of literary works does not permit deep examination of any of the literary elements. Completion of a work allows the student the opportunity to analyze the author’s style and learn to recognize how his world-view is incorporated. In addition, learning to take notes is an important skill for college success. Recording the literary elements in a notebook is an exercise in organization, discipline, and reasoning skills which will assist in building strong Christian character. It develops character qualities and teaches reasoning from the Word of God rather than man’s wisdom. [middle school or high school students]

Biblical Reasoning Through Providential History

Providential history is defined as learning to see God’s hand directing mankind. This approach emphasizes teaching the important facts (dates, leaders, events) while showing how the Father used these events and people to work His Plan. Scripture says that a man makes his plans, but the Lord directs his steps (Proverbs 16:9). The presentation is based on ideas using the Principle Approach. (This class can include any history period that is requested.) [middle school or high school students] American

Ancient History

From creation through the fall of the Roman empire, mankind laid a foundation which still influences the world today. Beginning in Biblical times, observing the rise and fall of great empires re-enforces the understanding that there is a Power directing all of history. In fact, history is HIS-story: God working through men to bring His will on earth. [middle school or high school students]

Renaissance and Reformation

Historians consider the Renaissance (1400-1600) as the beginning of modern history. This is because men began to appreciate the talents of the individual and encourage experimentation. With this expression came a resistance to domination by the chruch; therefore, it also encouraged a time of sinful exuberance. However, careful examination reveals that God used the emphasis on the individual to produce the Reformation and a return to personal study of Scripture. [middle school or high school students] Modern

American Government

So often people allow the government to infringe on their liberties because they do not know the Founders provided. The text for this course is a pocket edition of the actual Constitution — which was written so that even the common people could understand it. (It takes a great deal of “higher education” to misunderstand it!) As the class proceeds, students will complete worksheets to help analyze the document and do individual research to discover WHY the Founders included these provisions. [high school students]

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