According to Plan: Oklahoma History

Told from a Providential View

State standards require studying Oklahoma history once in elementary (public schools chose 4th grade) and once in high school for ½ credit toward graduation (public schools chose 9th grade). I have taught from several different books, but I found that the secular books contained some objectionable world-view and the Christian texts often were weak on the details. While it is important to learn dates and details, it is also important to learn to see God’s hand working in man’s history. In this book I attempted to remedy these problems: According to Plan: Oklahoma history told from a providential view by Jo Anne Bennett. It is available on-line or from me.


Born in Oklahoma, Jo Anne Bennett has spent most of her life there. She holds a BA in education and an MA in history and has taught for years in public, private, and home school. She enjoys her Oklahoma history classes and especially delights in seeing her students develop a love of history. Now a grandmother of five, Jo Anne realizes the importance of having young people understand the role history plays in displaying God’s sovereignity.


Let's Learn Together!

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